Where They Signed: Chipola's 2019 MLB Draft

Where They Signed: Chipola's 2019 MLB Draft

The 2019 MLB Draft is in the books and many Indians had their names called. 

Ivan Johnson was Chipola's top pick as he was selected in the fourth round (114 pick) by the Cincinnatti Reds.

Other current Indians drafted:

  • Andrew Baker- Los Angeles Dodgers: 16th round, 491 pick
  • Joshua Rivera- Chicago White Sox: 19th round, 560 pick
  • Julio Carrion- Los Angeles Dodgers: 33th round, 1001 pick

Former Indians drafted: 

  • Morgan McCullough- Los Angeles Angels: 22nd round, 661 pick
  • Tyler Osik- Chicago White Sox: 27th round, 800 pick
  • Jack Dellinger- Detroit Tigers: 32nd round, 952 pick

Chipola continues their rich tradition of sending baseball players to the pros, racking up over 230 draft picks.

For a full history of Chipola draft picks, click here: http://www.chipolaathletics.com/sports/bsb/indiansinthepros